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In the game QuoteAndWin, you will have 16 items with face value 0 to 15. There will be two players (1st Player & 2nd Game itself). 5 items are randomly generated for each player for every new game with 5 rounds. In round, first item quote is done by that player who wins the previous round by quoting item with equal or more face value. And the 1st round chance goes to player. If the player score is above 10 by the end of the game he will win a coupon link.


First two lines specifies score of items 0-Coffee and 15-Pumpkin

Third Line is list of your items; Play against list of items in the last line

Each round chance goes to that player who quotes item with high score

Your score will be cumulative sum of scores of all the rounds you won

Score of round is difference between quoted items score

Make a score above 10 in a game and earn link to online coupons